It's time for us to put schools and communities first by voting Yes on 15

Eastside Families for Prop. 15 

Eastside families agree. In the midst of a health and economic crisis, our schools and communities are in desperate need of funding. 

That’s why in partnership with California Calls, Power California, and the Million Voters Project, we’re mobilizing voters across the state to Vote Yes On 15, the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act. Proposition 15 will restore $12 billion annually in funding for California’s schools and community colleges, including 40% that will go directly to fund K-12 education and community colleges. According to a recent report by USC, Los Angeles County alone is expected to receive $3.75 billion annually. 

“I am voting yes on Proposition 15 because my grandaughter deserves to have a quality education that prepares her for college.”

- Ana Alvarenga, parent and grandmother

Volunteer with InnerCity Struggle

Virtual Phone Banking Team

Out-of-state corporations and special interests are bankrolling the opposition to Proposition 15. Every vote matters in this election. But to reach all of them by election day, we need your help. 

Now is the time to get involved! Sign up to join our virtual phone bank team to reach Eastside voters and help us win this November. 

“Our vote is our voice. I volunteer with the Prop. 15 campaign because I know it will take all of us to win in November. ”

- Fabiola Argueta, College Student

Closing the Corporate Loophole, Protecting Small Businesses

For decades, corporations haven’t been paying their fair share. Schools & Communities First will invest in our schools and local communities by  Prop. 15 will close the big corporate property tax loopholes – all while protecting those homeowners and renters, small businesses, and farmers who will be key to California’s recovery. 

Learn more about the Yes on 15 campaign.