Despite the recall’s failure, community unites for a prosperous CD 14 without KDL



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The recall attempt against Councilmember Kevin De Leon failing does not mean his constituents will settle for his self-serving, - opportunistic ways, the work to elect responsible accountable leadership is not over. As Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Latine CD 14 residents and leaders, we remain rooted in the fact that we cannot build a safe and prosperous Eastside, or Los Angeles for ALL as long as Kevin De Leon remains in office. 

"Kevin de Leon's backroom dealings to diminish the power of Black communities, renters, working-class families, and Indigenous communities as well as his continued refusal to resign despite months of calls from many within his district, the City, and the Country at large shows us that he cannot be trusted to lead, let alone to help our city heal and move forward," said Janette Robinson Flint, Executive Director at Black Women for Wellness. "Angelenos are well past ready for representatives who champion racial justice, and we'll do what's necessary to hold accountable those who don't - namely de Leon."

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