Youth Development

We believe in the long-term leadership of our young people. While they’re dedicating hours in service of their vision for a better tomorrow, it’s our responsibility to ensure they’re on track for their future, today. That’s why we provide holistic academic and wellness services to our most dedicated leaders. Learn more about their experiences.


Andres_Osorio.jpgAndres Osorio

Wilson High School, Class of 2017

"InnerCity Struggle gave me the courage to turn my life around."


“At one point, I had F’s in all of my classes. I didn’t care about school. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was tagging and getting into fights.

If it weren’t for Daniela, my Academic Advisor at InnerCity Struggle, I wouldn’t have even thought about going to college. She not only encouraged me, but she listened to me and gave me a renewed energy to care about my future. And as a leader, I shared my experience and motivated other students to turn their lives around.

InnerCity Struggle kept me off the streets and became my home away from home. I am a current student at ELAC, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and my goal is to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona.”



Chelsie_Cortes.jpgChelsie Cortes

Garfield High School, Class of 2018

California State University, Fullerton, Class of 2022

"I am proud to be a scholar and an advocate." 


“At InnerCity Struggle, I get to support positive change in my community while I prepare for college.

I participated in the Semillas Academy, where I prepared for college entrance interviews. It built my confidence and made sure I was prepared.

Because of their help, I’ll be the first person in my family to attend a four-year university, and I want that same opportunity for others.”


"I wouldn't be at Cal State Northridge if it weren't for InnerCity Struggle." 


Melanie_Alvarez.jpgMelanie Alvarez

Wilson High School, Class of 2017

California State University, Northridge, Class of 2021

Major: Political Science 

Shriver Award Recipient, $5,000 scholarship

“My goals are to study social work or law so that I can make a change in my community.

As a first-generation college student, InnerCity Struggle provided me with the support I needed to help me apply to college, find financial resources, and connect with student services on campus.”





4.jpgGuadalupe Morales

Mendez High School, Class of 2019

California State University, Long Beach, Class of 2023

"InnerCity Struggle supports both our leadership and academic goals." 



“Before I joined, I didn’t consider college. My goal was to get a high school diploma and get a job. As a first-generation student, college seemed unrealistic.

My parents had never gone to college, and it wasn’t something my friends had on their mind either.

I became a leader of InnerCity Struggle because I was concerned about this; I was concerned about low-expectations and low-college going rates in my community. InnerCity Struggle not only encouraged me to go to college but encouraged those around me.

InnerCity Struggle supports both our leadership and academic goals. At my high school, there are only two counselors for 1,000 students. The staff at InnerCity Struggle provide me with the one-on-one academic counseling my school can’t offer. They make sure I’m taking the classes I need for college. They’re helping me attain the quality education I deserve.”