The 2020 Census is here and a complete census count means a fully-funded Eastside community.


Eastside, we need you to be counted! Taking 10 minutes to fill out the census today can get us closer to fully-funded schools, an ample amount of affordable housing units, and a quality health care system to serve our loved ones. The census is meant to take a picture of who lives in our country and helps determine how vital federal funding is distributed. A complete count of the Eastside will bring the funding our communities need to thrive for the next 10 years. 

In 2010, our community lost hundreds of millions of dollars because too many of us didn’t fill out our census form. We can’t let that happen this time around. Historically, the Eastside of Los Angeles, in particular Boyle Heights, is a hard to count (HTC) neighborhood. Communities with language barriers, and renter populations tent to be historically undercounted, leaving these communities without crucial funding and proper representation. Together we can change that! Pledge to fill out the census and let’s make sure the Eastside gets resources for better schools, adequate health care, and affordable housing. 

Under the census, everyone matters. 

The census count must include people of ALL ages, regardless of birthplace or race. From newborns to elders, we all count. Anyone that calls this country home on April 1st, 2020, must be counted. 

Our existence is resistance! 

If we want a better future for ourselves, our loved and generations to come, we need to take action now - filling out the census is a simple action we can all take today. 

More people counted means more money for our community, better education for our children, more affordable housing for our families, and better health care for us all.

Watch our El Este cuenta, cuenta conmigo PSA

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