Kimberly Alvarado
Digital Organizer

Gender Pronouns: She / Ella

Kimberly is Guatemalan, born and raised in Los Angeles, by a single undocumented wonderful woman. Growing up, Kimberly saw her mom experience hardship due to the barriers of capitalism and imperialism that subjected her and her family to only being allowed to live in inhabitable, unsafe places.  

Kimberly graduated from CSUN with a bachelors in Sociology then joined Eastside LEADS leading the Social Media Advocates, a youth program from Building Healthy Communities Boyle Heights, where she dedicated herself to pipelining youth into tech and community collective to help drive restorative change. 

Kimberly's goal with her work is to create a platform that amplifies the voices of the most vulnerable communities to raise awareness that transcends our community with healing solutions that create resourced environments inclusive to communities most affected.

Because we are the future ancestors of the next generations, what legacy do we want to leave behind?