Jessica Castillo
Familias Unidas Coordinator

Gender Pronouns: She / Ella 


Jessica Castillo is a proud first-generation native of South Los Angeles, a mother of two teenage girls, and a Cal State Los Angeles graduate. She is a passionate advocate for community and family engagement. Jessica's firsthand experience as a mother reinforced her understanding of the significance of quality education and the need for fair funding.

During the last 10+ years, Jessica has actively engaged in grassroots initiatives in East LA, South LA, Watts, Inglewood, and surrounding South East cities focused on expanding community enrichment, strengthening parent engagement, and advocating for fair funding, educational equity, and community safety. She has championed campaigns for equal access to resources (such as food, technology, housing, learning) for all students and families in underserved communities, regardless of their zip code.

Jessica's perspective as a first-generation individual and a mother of two teenage girls fuels her passion for creating opportunities and breaking down barriers for students and families. Through her strong relationships with parents, teachers, and local organizations, she has earned the trust and respect of her community. She is committed to building a future in partnership with other community leaders where our most needed communities have equal opportunities to access quality education and receive the necessary support systems to flourish.