Concerns over A-G | La Opinión

The A-G courses—15 essential courses with more rigorous academic content required for admission to four-year institution are not yet reaching the numbers of students they should.  That is why some parents have justified fears that the schools will not be ready when this becomes the required curriculum in 2012.

In 2005, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board approved a resolution to expand access to these elective courses—especially in low-income neighborhoods —as part of the process to eventually make them requirements two years later.  A 2008 internal audit indicated discouraging news about the progress of the A-G courses.  Three years after the initial decision was made, there still was no clear budget for implementation or a plan to publicize the importance of these courses.

An informal survey conducted this year in East Los Angeles high schools by parents and their supporters, showed little progress in the promotion of A-G courses or in the number of students passing them.  The students’ lack of awareness of these courses remains one of the obstacles.

Parents have reason to be concerned that the excellent idea to properly prepare all LAUSD graduates for university education from 2012 on will be another exercise in frustration.  School authorities have time to meet this goal of producing graduates with a solid academic foundation.  We hope they take advantage of it.

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