Despite the recall’s failure, community unites for a prosperous CD 14 without KDL



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The recall attempt against Councilmember Kevin De Leon failing does not mean his constituents will settle for his self-serving, - opportunistic ways, the work to elect responsible accountable leadership is not over. As Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Latine CD 14 residents and leaders, we remain rooted in the fact that we cannot build a safe and prosperous Eastside, or Los Angeles for ALL as long as Kevin De Leon remains in office. 

"Kevin de Leon's backroom dealings to diminish the power of Black communities, renters, working-class families, and Indigenous communities as well as his continued refusal to resign despite months of calls from many within his district, the City, and the Country at large shows us that he cannot be trusted to lead, let alone to help our city heal and move forward," said Janette Robinson Flint, Executive Director at Black Women for Wellness. "Angelenos are well past ready for representatives who champion racial justice, and we'll do what's necessary to hold accountable those who don't - namely de Leon."

Kevin has proven to be a career opportunist selling a rag-to-riches story to voters in whatever community has an open seat that will grant him status and a comfortable paycheck. His run for CD 14’s council seat only happened because he failed to get elected into the US Senate in 2018. Of course, serving LA’s council district 14 was not good enough. After less than a year in the seat, he began his failed mayoral race. His job search continues as he has a fundraising committee to run for lieutenant governor in 2026.

CD 14 families and the city of Los Angeles deserve better. We deserve leaders that will represent all families and bring communities together.  We deserve leaders that bring communities together, not divide them for political gain.  We deserve a new Councilmember who is committed to residents, racial justice, and upholding a genuine democratic process for all.

“We will no longer allow District 14 to be stuck in a cycle of corruption and neglect. CD 14’s council seat will no longer be a chess piece in Kevin De Leon or any other politician’s political game or a stepping stone for his higher political ambitions,”  said Henry Perez, Executive Director at InnerCity Struggle. “CD 14 residents are tired of seeing him put his self-interest and career in front of those he represents. They are ready to vote him out come March 5, 2024”

Despite his empty and self-serving remarks during his apology tour, Kevin de Leon has clearly shown himself no ally or supporter of Indigenous communities, a fact made evident by his refusal to resign and let the city begin to heal. While Kevin shamefully continues to cling to power - even though most of his constituents want him gone - Indigenous leaders are continuing to work with our brothers and sisters in the Black, AAPI, LGBTQIA+, and other long-neglected communities to build a truly equitable and inclusive city” said Odilia Romero, Co-founder and Executive Director of Comunidades Indigenas en Liderazgo (CIELO)

“All I’ve known is neglect and corruption from our council representative. To me, Kevin De Leon and Jose Huizar are the same. They share empty promises while the cameras are on but are ready to sell our communities for any personal gain, " said Skyla Fuentes, CD 14 resident, and high school senior. “I am 18 now and will be proud to be one of the thousands of voters who will vote him out next March.


We are a broad multi-racial citywide coalition anchored by Eastside Leaders and Organizations from Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Eagle Rock, Downtown, and Highland Park who have been working for decades to improve the conditions of families, workers, young people, indigenous communities, immigrants and renters of the Eastside and throughout Los Angeles. The coalition is made up of InnerCity Struggle, Community Coalition, Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE), Black Women for Wellness, Comunidades Indigenas en Liderazgo (CIELO), Community Power Collective, Community Asset Development Re-defining Education (CADRE), CA Native Vote Project, Nikkei Progressives, Legacy LA, Self Help Graphics and Art, Esperanza Community Housing, LA Forward and California Calls amongst others.