Eastside students reach historic college-readiness rates.

Equal Access to College Prep Classes in 2005 to 2015: In 2004, we took the controversial stance that all students should be college-ready. As part of a citywide coalition, InnerCity Struggle won the cornerstone “A-G Life Prep” policy in 2005 which mandates college-prep courses for all LAUSD students as a high school graduation requirement. In response to opposition forces calling for the elimination of the mandate at the ten-year anniversary, InnerCity Struggle successfully reaffirmed the district’s commitment to college-prep for all with the historic “Equity in A-G” resolution. The 2015 policy invested $31 million in academic supports for college prep completion over two years. The culmination of this work is the historic 74% A-G readiness graduation rate for the LAUSD Class of 2016. As for the Eastside specifically, the aggregate LAUSD graduation rate for Eastside high schools in 2005 stood at 44% without A-G college courses required. In 2016, it reached a historic 80% with A-G requirements.