Eastside Rising Student Walkouts

On the morning of Monday November 14th, nearly 4,000 students from 18 LAUSD schools, including all seven of the local Eastside high schools: Roosevelt, Garfield, Mendez, Torres, Solis, Wilson and Lincoln walked out of their campuses in protest to the presidential election outcome and to raise their voices in support of their families and communities.

The ‘Eastside Rising Student Walkouts’ were led in part by InnerCity Struggle’s youth leaders from each of their respective high schools. Students from the entire Eastside loudly and creatively proclaimed their disagreement with the election of a president-elect who openly espouses racist, sexist, anti-immigrant and islamophobic rhetoric.

As a community comprised of low-income, immigrant families of color – we continue to feel the impact of these attacks.

InnerCity Struggle will work to ensure that the voices of Eastside students and parents are heard and that our communities are defended.  

InnerCity Struggle will continue to organize youth and parents to build power by developing local leadership and capacity. With YOUR continued support, InnerCity Struggle will contribute toward a larger movement for justice and human rights.

Please view the LA Times article featuring InnerCity Struggle youth leader voices.

Please click here to donate to InnerCity Struggle’s efforts to lift up thousands of youth, parent and immigrant voices as the struggle for justice and human dignity continues.

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