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Young women are leading the March For Our Lives movement, and last Saturday brought hundreds of thousands of protestors out into the streets for rallies demanding gun control, and protesting gun violence in all communities.

Students from Inner City Struggle (ICS) marched in Los Angeles – bringing youth of color voices to this movement and mobilizing young people to #takebackthevote in California.

We hear from Roque Armenta and Xochil Ramirez of ICS about why they marched, and the programs of ICS – working with youth and community residents since 1994 to promote safe, healthy and non-violent communities in LA’s Eastside.

THEN … Fifty years after the protests by Chicana/o students who rallied against unequal conditions in LA high schools in 1968 … the exhibit “Womxn Warriors” honors the women who played vital roles behind-the-scenes in the ELA Walkouts. The exhibit and a series of related programs focuses on their contributions and the intergenerational organizing it inspired.

We talk to Felicia Montes – a founding member of Mujeres de Maíz and the daughter of ELA Walkout organizers – and Betty Avila, Co-Director of Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG). “Womxn Warriors”, honoring the 50th Anniversary of The ‘East L.A. Walkouts’, is on view at SHG from March 17 to May 30, 2018

AND … Cherise Charleswell talks to founder Michelle Castillo and Brittany Delaney, an original member of the Wyld Womxn collective – an inclusive feminist creative collective based in the Coachella Valley. The group focuses on intersectional feminism, activism, the arts, wellness, and community building, as well as empowerment through the arts – nurturing spaces for collaboration, consciousness-raising and genuine sisterhood.

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