Imagine what our neighborhoods could look like if we had everything we needed to thrive.

Every election gives us an opportunity to move closer to our vision and create a better life for us and those who will come after us. 

In these Midterm Elections, you can vote for elected officials who will champion the issues that matter to you and ballot measures that will guarantee reproductive freedom and generate funding to help reduce homelessness, build more affordable housing and support our schools, hospitals, and programs so that our communities and families can thrive. 


Key Dates to Know

OCT. 10

OCT. 24

OCT. 29

Check your mailbox for
your Vote by Mail ballot

Last day to register
to vote online

Vote centers will begin to
open for early in-person voting

NOV. 1

NOV. 4

NOV. 8

Last day for you to request a new vote-by-mail ballot All Los Angeles County vote
centers open for early in-person voting
Election day, and
last day to Vote


Additional Resources