Eve Sanchez
Early Education and English Language Learner Organizer

Gender Pronouns: They/Them | Ella/Elle

Eve was born and raised in East Los Angeles and pursued higher education at the University of California - Davis receiving their B.A. in Chicana/o Studies and History in 2021. From high school through their undergraduate program, Eve supported and participated in different student campaigns advocating for social justice and educational equity. Based on their education, activism, and lived experiences Eve came to two very important conclusions: the first, education goes beyond the four walls of any learning institution; and the second, love is an important component of education. These truths were solidified for Eve as they returned to East LA as an educator supporting local East LA community schools. Eve solely credits their mom for igniting their passion for education. Joining the Familias Unidas Early Care & English Language Learner campaign, Eve hopes to continue to advocate for access to quality education for all.


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